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Saturday, January 19

Listen..!! Listen..!! Listen..!!

As a matter of that, we have been hearing that since the day we were born.
Our parents want us to listen x 3;
our teachers want us to listen x 3;
our employers want us to listen x 3;
the religious people want us to listen x 3;
the politicians want us to listen x 3
But these are also the same people who don’t want to listen to others because to them, talking back is rude or biadap.
Hence, we aren’t allowed to talk back, we aren’t allowed to engage in discussions, debates, negotiations and talks.
So we can only listen listen listen and others like Sharifah Zohra Jabeen would go “Let me speak Let me speak Let me speak”.
So does being senior, high positioned, holier-than-thou and holding degrees and PhDs make you superior that you can lord over others?
When you preach others about respect, can you simply earn respect by telling anyone to balik china or India just because they aren’t happy with things around here?
“If you don’t like it, don’t say anything”, is that all you dim wits can say when you don’t even have the answers to critics questions?
How can you really understand animals’ problems when you don’t even have the answer to people’s questions?
Did that stupid SW1M person do anything to protest against Taib Mahmud’s rampant logging and the rapes of Penan Women? Animals there also got problems too what!
And what about those other mahasiswas at that stupid UUM forum? How come they clap at anything? Don’t they have their own minds?
Are they classified as  just a bunch of brainless zombies who would just listen listen listen?
The whole Bavani vs Sharifah thing only shows one ugly truth about Malaysians, which is always “if you are not with me, then you are against me”.
Debate clearly isn’t a Malaysian culture after all because Malaysians don’t know the real meaning of democracy, freedom of speech and mutual understanding.
They only want others to listen listen listen. Today BN tells you to listen listen listen. Tomorrow Pakatan tells you to listen listen listen.
What’s next? The syaitans to tell you to listen listen listen? Memanglah lebih baik syaitan dikenali daripada malaikat tak. Mampus lah Malaysia macam ni…